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Ok, I got it
The group is awsome all
How can Kilala be
looking at herself
as Kirara!!!!!
2001 hits
Okey its the
pilssberry doe boy
But he looks like
a little tree spirit
from princess mononoke!!
OW,stupid kid,
let go of daddys ear,
Fox Fire
fox fire
This is my web site and you should come here to see pics of inuyasha and other anime pics!!!!!!!!
I love our family
Inuyashas cheating on me
I couldn't
stand not
having any
of his pic's
Shippo is soo cute doing Fox Fire
Inuyasha and Kegome on the bicycle are adorable
I remember*giggle*the time*giggle*INUYASHA
Fell off the bicycle!!!!!Heee Haaaaa HeHe
I said to
come here
to see
anime pics
not just
Oh Kilala
Hey their kids
have no pants on!!
Its Sango and Kilala!!!!!
It's sooo cute!!!
I love them
there my fav charactors!!
I think Inuyasha really
likes kilala......as a
Inuyasha's family is adorable!!!
This is princess Mononoke
She rocks the forest!
Songo rocks!!
She looks real awsome!
When I found this picture
It said she looked sad!!!
I made a few Inuyasha stories-
This is-Bus
Inuyasha says~"Uh..Kegome..this 'bus'
thing is way too bummpy and very
uncomfortable on it"(figeting in bus)
Kegome~"Its okey"(moves and lies her
head on his sholder)
Songo~(cuddling with Miroku)
Miroku~(enjoying it)
Inuyasha music
1.opening 1-Change the world
2.ending 1-My will
3.ending 2-Fuki Mori
4.opening 3-Motorod
Thets all I have so far
but I update daily
its soo cute
i heart it
they are sooooo cool
Big Face!!!

My Friends
Me and my friends play
this game where we
pretend to be dragons
and this what we look
I've gotten board......I need help with Idea's........a story? More pics? Inu & Kegome kissy pics? Well leave a commant if I need something.........
Other pages to vist
Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!
Me, Hayley
soo true